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Tuesday Travels: Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia

For the month of July, Tuesday Travels will focus on places that we have visited. I have visited only a few international places and I would love to share it to my readers and co-travelers.

The place I would like to share today is Petronas Twin Tower in Malaysia. Am I supposed to share a picture of the place only or can I share it with a picture of me? Because I am sharing a picture of Petronas Twin Tower with us, with my friends. Teehee.

This was my first time to visit another country and I treasured it so much. This was taken last 2009 and it was after our Convention n PICC that we went to the famous Twin Towers and took a picture of us.

My visit to Malaysia was not for fun but for a greater cause, I was there for the Southeast Asian Youth Engagement Summit because I was chosen among thousands of youths that applied online to get to join the Summit for FREE. Free airfare, hotel accommodation, plus 100RM pocket money. Our speakers back then were famous people that includes the owner of Air Asia, Datu Seri Tony Fernandez, sis of Mark Zuckerberg, Randhi, and one of the co-creator of Twitter.com, Biz Stone. We also had a Video Call with Donald Trump and a Video message from President Barack Obama.


Petronas Twin Towers

For my readers, old time friends, you might have seen this picture many times already because I have them on my Facebook and I also made a blog entry for it in my other blogs and now I am posting it here. You see, I miss Malaysia, I miss the people in the picture and I am just sharing my thoughts about it.

This picture is not really hard to take if you or your pals knows how to take this photo with a breeze. You cannot be close to the building because you will get the first floor as a background. You need to be at the end of the fountains then stand there, then your pal needs to take your picture from below the stairs almost lying on his back to get the whole PTT as a background.