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The Margarette – Maramag Hotel

There is a new business hotel in Maramag Bukidnon — The Margarette, and because a friend owns it, I checked the place out and I am pleased with what I have seen.

This is the lobby, sorry I must have missed out some other views of the lobby but the lobby is very inviting so I made a quick pose.
This is what their rooms looks like inside (my dear friend hunny obliged to pose for me):
IMG_5616I love hotels/inns that has huge mirrors inside the room, so I love The Margarette for putting this one in here:

This is the hallway and we asked the one who gave us the tour inside the business hotel to take our photos together:
It is not a five-star hotel but I know staying in The Margarette will be comfortable for you and your business partners or family.

Snack Time : KRRAGS

CHOW TIME at KRRAGS! I don’t know why this place was called KRRAGS but I got a feeling that it is an acronym for all the names of the owners or the first letters of the first name of their children.

I am loving their BURGERS. They have chicken burger, pork burger and beef burger and I love all of them! They also serve leche flan, batchoy and shakes!

Me and my friends spend a lot of time talking and eating in KRRAGS.


Their food are not that expensive and even students can afford it! If ever you are in Maramag Bukidnon, visit KRRAGS and try out their Burgers for only 35php.

Waig Crystal Spring Resort

Our two months old baby Gerayah is on the GO. Yeah, she goes wherever I go. And for today, we are in WAIG Crystal Spring Resort in Maramag Bukidnon.
WAIG is owned by our family friend and we love to visit the place because they have these BIG POOLS with slides. The kids love to play in the water, so before we officially ends our SUMMER VACATION, we splashed into WAIG’s big pools.

Got our picture taken and check it out here:

This is a post-birthday celebration of Ama Lolit too.