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Waig Crystal Spring Resort

Our two months old baby Gerayah is on the GO. Yeah, she goes wherever I go. And for today, we are in WAIG Crystal Spring Resort in Maramag Bukidnon.
WAIG is owned by our family friend and we love to visit the place because they have these BIG POOLS with slides. The kids love to play in the water, so before we officially ends our SUMMER VACATION, we splashed into WAIG’s big pools.

Got our picture taken and check it out here:

This is a post-birthday celebration of Ama Lolit too.

Japanese Kois

When we went to Bukidnon Deer Park and Wildlife Center, we were able to see these beautiful Japanese Kois. So before making a blog entry about them, I have search Mr. Google to check out what Koi’s are. And this is what I have learned: Koi or nishikigoi, are ornamental varities of domesticated common carp and are kept for decorative purposes in outdoor koi ponds or water gardens.

Japanese Koi is popular because they are very attractive and strong because they have the ability to survive even in freezing situations. Some Japanese Kois are worth thousands of dollars that is why there are so many thriving Koi breeders nowadays or they can try massage therapy program online to earn money too. Aside from that Japanese Kois were also believed to bring good luck or good fung shui in Chinese Culture.

My son sure loves to watch those stunning Japanese Kois. Watching the Kois struggle and wiggle in order to eat makes me feel carefree too. As for me, watching the Kois brought inner peace and makes me think if I could be like them, swimming around without thinking what tomorrow will bring.

Bukidnon Deer Park and Wildlife Center

I have heard for this place before but I have not set foot in the area. Not until last March when my little brother, Rashid, had their field trip.

The place is not open for people or tourists just yet, but it is open for different schools who want their pupils and students to have an educational field trip to the place. The care taker told us that if you went there without a prior letter or notice that you will visit the place, you are not allowed to enter.

There are so many animals they have their and some of them are these:

They also have deers, crocodiles, ostriches and snakes. I am glad that I went along with my little brother and brought my son too because they enjoyed walking around, watching different animals that we thought can only be seen on television.