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Music and Me

I am a music-lover but music hates me. I mean, I love to sing but I don’t have a good voice. So instead of trying so hard to learn how to sing, I focus on dancing because its one thing I am good at. By the way, it still brings me to my first love, MUSIC. I need music to dance, right?

When I was in college I have a friend who is good at mixing music and who is a good DJ. He was the one who taught me how to hone my skills in dancing and he is the one who keeps on sharing his thoughts about music and his tools such as motu 896mk3 hybrid to make good music.


GT: I hate Nobody, Nobody but YOU

After the La-La-Love Month, March is here. And the topics for GT is all about the MUSIC! I love music, and I will always will. I am a dancer not a singer but still, I needed music to dance, right?

What I hated most about music? hmmm Let me think first because I almost love all kinds of music from Pop to Alternatives, Rock and Heavy Metal, Love songs and Hate songs.

Oh-Oh, I hated the song “Nobody, Nobody but You”. Why? Because it was sooo over-rated. It keeps on playing anywhere I go and it took months for people to stop singing it. We even had a Bisaya Version of it, a Tagalog version, even English version from Korean Version. And Bisaya version goes like this “Abi ko’g Babaye-Babaye, Bayot!” (Translation:I thought she’s a girl but she’s GAY).