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Matching Nail Polish

Black nail polish for me and my daughter. I was having my nails done when my little girl went inside the room and saw me. Of course, she wants to have her nails done too simply because she was curious. With a little help from me, I put some nail polish on her nails too. And look at us, we have a matching nail polish.

It is a bonding moment for me and my little girl.

Red Nails AGAIN

I don’t know why I like my nails painted red. Maybe because the color looks good on them or maybe because it shows how fierce I am. Sometimes the color red connotes love but as of the moment, I am not in love and I am not looking for love, I’d rather look for hex nuts in a stack of hay rather than finding love easily.

My manicure and pedicure looks good and I hope it could stay for at least a week or two because I’ll be broke if I have to pay for a saloon every other day.