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More Photoshoot Ideas

I have already shared to you a lot of my photos during the first photo shoot that I had with my friend. And we had another photo shoot a day before my birthday. Actually, we had a photographers’ event and it was FUN. We had a photo walk in the morning and a photo shoot during the afternoon. A week before the event, I kept on asking my friends and checking on the internet for more photo shoot ideas while I was checking workflow management software at eoncode.com. And I came up with “The Hunger Games” theme. Yes, I really liked Katniss Everdeen in the movie The Hunger Games that is why I chose to copy her look.

Here let me share with you some of the the result:


Photoshoot Theme

I am currently busy checking out different themes for a photo shoot. Yes, a photo shoot. I have been thinking of having a photo shoot, not that I am a model, I just want to try that one out professionally.

When a photographer friend of mine post a status in Facebook that he is doing a free photo shoot because he has free time this month, I immediately told him that I want to have a photo shoot. Imagine, I don’t need to pay for a photographer to have my photos taken. It’s a different story if you are not a model or an actress, because when you are people/photographer/paparazzi will always take a photo of you even if they have to pay you, and when you aren’t you will need to pay for a photographer or hire one to have your photos taken.

So, I have this dilemma for so many nights now. I need a photo shoot theme. Please help me decide. Or do you have any suggestions?