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Guitar for the Next Theme

As you have noticed, I have been recently posting about our photo shoot that was held before 2014 started.  Bangon Bohol Event was graced by amazing photographers and gorgeous models who willingly posed for the camera.

There were props used on the shoot; balloons, bench, cowboy hats, and even a guitar. I would’ve thought a guitar would be such a nice props for shooting photos. It makes a photo a lot like in country scene.

Perhaps I should request a country bar theme for our next session, where I am up on stage, singing with a band while we’re strumming our Yamaha Guitars for the audience. Such a great idea, right?

Successful Bangon Bohol Event

Last December 30, 2013, the Pose for a Cause that I have organized to raise funds for Bohol was a SUCCESS. I am very thankful for the photographers (Jesse Raxis Pepito, Jerry Suello, Ricky and Arnen Amor, Darrel Uy, Ed Millard and Karen Mah) who went there to JOIN the cause. I am also grateful for the HMUAs (Maycee Siojo-Garces, Maria Corazon Jones, Jonathan Ayta, and Jojo) who made the models very beautiful on that day.

Thank you to the people who joined the event. Here are some of the photos taken during the event:

Solo Photos during the Pose for a Cause

Let me share with you another set of photos that the photographers have took and edited during the Pose for a Cause that I have organized last year. These are beautiful solo photos and some were portrait-like. Though I was thinking of bringing lots of props I have forgotten to bring a classic kawai keyboard to go with the classical guitar.
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It isn’t easy to shoot people (photo shoot people) because I have tried to be a good photographer, it is also not easy to pose for the camera. Being a model is hard because you need to be beautiful, almost perfect, and you need to show some emotions and hold your breath in order to let the photographer capture that perfect shot.