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Tiny Little Hands

This picture was taken using my iPhone 4S.

I took it while we were still in the hospital, just after I gave birth to my little baby girl. I would treasure this photo forever simply because it shows love and affection of a mother to her daughter, doesn’t it? And watching this picture every now and then, makes me realize how lucky I am to be her mother.

Macro Photography – Trying my Best

When we visited my Tatay’s (father) rice farm, I brought with me my Nikon IXUS100 digicam because I know he has so many flowers in his garden because aside from his love with his cigar he also loves growing flowers in his garden. My father is a good farmer, he knows how to take care of his plants and flowers and he knows how to make a bounty harvest with his rice field.

As for me, I love photography and I love to take pictures of beautiful things. As you can see here, this is one of my precious moments with my camera, I am trying my best to take a picture of a very small flower.

Isn’t it beautiful?