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Pink Fridays: Pink Ribbon in a Onesie

We receive this cutesy little onesie from my cousin Te Mai. It’s brand new and I think it is a gift for her daughter from one of her friends abroad but her daughter is now 3 years old and will not fit in the onesie anymore.

what caught my eye is the very pink ribbon ensemble in the center of the onesie.

Pink Fridays : Pink Wall

Here is a photo I want to share. My daughter is 5 months old already oh, how time flies so fast and she can now stand on her own. Not walk, just stand, while grabbing and holding on to something.

I want to share this VERY PINK photo of her. She’s wearing a pink onesie and she was holding on to my pink bedding, while on the background is our Pink Room Wall.
Yeah, I don’t get tired of seeing PINK in my room. And if ever given the chance, I would still paint my room PINK.

Pink Friday : Pink Walker

I love Pink Fridays, I always look forward to it every week. Here is my pick for this week:

That’s  a photo of my baby shower gift for my cousin Sly’s baby. She will give birth to a baby girl by November I think and she invited me for a baby shower party, too bad I can’t attend because the party will be held in Miami and I am here in the Philippines. But distance doesn’t stop me from not sending my love, I am glad that the Fairy Hobmother left me a GC and I used it to order for a baby walker.