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Tupperware’s Colour Collection Kissmark Lipstick

I learned about these Colour Collection products by Tupperware because I am a member of Sample Room. I am glad that I requested for a sample and try them out. Kissmark is a Matte Lipstick with Vitamin E and it has a protective sunscreen to soften your lips and prevents chapping.

All Pink

My all-time favorite color is PINK. That is why, I have been dreaming and wishing to have a baby girl, a daughter, because if I do, I could buy all the PINK things in the world for her. It would be absurd if I buy pink shoes, pink tutu’s, pink t-shirts, pink bags for my son JB, isn’t it?

Now that God has finally answered my prayers, now that God gave me a daughter, I can finally indulge myself into buying PINK stuffs. From socks to hats, from swim suits to baby gowns.

This is our bed, and look at it:
My baby Chicay’s bedsheet, pillows, and all other stuff are in the shade of PINK. I hope she wont hate that color when she grows up:D

Pink Fridays : Pink School Seals

Last July 1, 2012, we celebrated our 50th Araw ng Pangantucan (Charter Day) or the day our town became a municipality. And of course, the event will not be complete without the parade. The parade which consists of the town’s public officials, school bands and students from our schools.

I wanna share with you a photo that I took during the parade. I used to be a part of the school band, from grade school to high school, and I used to be the one who brings the school seal. But during my band days, I was the only one who brings the school seal, but now it is different. There are 4 girls who brings them, and they bring one letter with them. Our school’s name is Pangantucan Central Elementary School (that is why it is called PCES).

The school seal looks neat and PINK.

Pink Friday : Pink Onesies

Pink Friday, and I don’t want to MISS IT! Here is my share for today’s PINK FRIDAY: Pink Onesies. Maycee gave Chicay these cute little onesies. We love it and I will eventually post a picture of Chicay when she wears them. As of now, the onesies are quite bigger so maybe Chicay can wear it when she is 5 months old already.

Pink Fridays: Pink ROOM


Before and After picture of my room. This pink room used to be mine, but when my brother finished his college degree and went home, I gave him my room and I stayed with my mother instead. But now, I needed my room back so he gave it back.
The above photo is my pink room while my brother was still the one who stays in it. And the below photo is the pink room after we put our things in there.