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Nivea Big Sale 2015

I have learned through a friend (Hello HOME BUDDIES) that NIVEA is having a 50% off on all items, nationwide! So, I immediately went to the supermarket (Robinsons for that matter) in order to buy myself and my family the beauty products that we could use.

These are just some of the few Nivea Beauty products that we bought for our self consumption. I give some to my Aunts and Friends because I couldn’t wait for Christmas to give them gifts.


3 New Havaianas Slippers

We were planning to buy 2 Havaianas Slippers for JB and Tpai because they need new pairs. And we were glad when we went to the Spruce Store and found out that they are having a SALE for all their old Havaianas Slippers products. If you buy one pair, you could get 20% off its original price and if you buy two pairs or more, you could get 40% off its price.
Imagine, I was able to buy 3 pairs instead of 2 because of the sale. And instead of buying one for Jb and one for Tpai, we also bought one pair for Gerry because he also needs a new pair of slippers.

I didn’t buy a pair for myself because asĀ  have said, we went there to buy only 2 pairs and end up buying 3 because of the sale. And I am astounded by the colors they picked, they chose violet/purple colored slippers. I think they were influenced by my latest slippers too, you could check it out here : Pink Strap/Purple Sole.

And before I forget, the SALE is until November 30 at all Spruce Stores nationwide (I better check that out again if I am right).