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Nivea Big Sale 2015

I have learned through a friend (Hello HOME BUDDIES) that NIVEA is having a 50% off on all items, nationwide! So, I immediately went to the supermarket (Robinsons for that matter) in order to buy myself and my family the beauty products that we could use.

These are just some of the few Nivea Beauty products that we bought for our self consumption. I give some to my Aunts and Friends because I couldn’t wait for Christmas to give them gifts.


Cheap flower crown at Cogon

I have been wanting to own a flower crown that I can use and wear during pictorials but I just cant afford to buy one because it is expensive. I have seen a lot of sellers online and I’m scared of buying something that I cannot see and hold to check if it is nice and good to wear.
When I went to CDO with my friend, we went to Cogon Market to SHOP. Yes, we went there to shop because everything is sold for very low prices. Flower Crowns and head bands which looks like flower crowns are selling like hot cakes and they are very cheap.

I am Pro-Online Shopping

I cannot stress enough that I am Pro-Online Shopping. I may have posted a lot about online shopping in this blog and here I am again, making a blog post about it.

Almost all things are sold online, everything that you need are already sold online. From airline tickets to ferry boat tickets, from hotel accommodations to tour guides, from lingerie to everything that you wore, and fromĀ  toys for the kids to fun drinking games for two people. Almost everything that you need in your home can be bought online,without hassle, without spending money for bus fare or gasoline, and without spending too much energy on getting your butt to the mall, look around shops and determine or choose what to finally buy after two hours of walking around.

I am not a lazy person if you are thinking that I am. I am just using my mind on how to shop and spend my money wisely. Online shopping is a great thing, it can help the environment (you leave less carbon footprint because instead of driving your car 60 kilometers from your home to the mall that is), aside from that it can save you money (you only have to pay for the shipping fee and sometimes its free where as if you drive around you will have to pay for a gasoline and you need to spend for your lunch or snacks when it is time to eat and you are still walking around the mall).