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I Survived!!!

This is maybe just a picture but YES, I SURVIVED the Philippine’s first Skywalk Extreme at Crown Regency Hotel, Cebu. When I bought the adventour package at Ensogo I really checked if the package includes the Skywalk in order not to miss it during or vacation. Though it was raining that night, I am glad that it stopped when we were on the top already because I do not want to miss that opportunity. I am already in Cebu and I am staying in the world’s famous Crown Regency Hotel, so why should I miss the Skywalk?

At first I was scared because the other people who are next to us are so nervous but when I was outside already, I love it! I love the view, I love walking at the top most building in the Philippines and I love everything about the adventure. If ever you are in Cebu, TRY IT!