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Top 3 Wedding Dress Trends

From 1920s-inspired vintage style to sparkling glitz and glamour theme, wedding dresses online always offer something for every bride. Thanks to the formal dresses Australia designers who constantly update their lines, you get to find the perfect one in www.beformal.com.au that suits your style.

Incorporating color, for example, is one way to express your playful inner self as this time; there are no more off limits when it comes to shades and palettes. With that, you’ll be in no time claiming the blushing bride title with a stunning powder pink gown while the guests can’t take their eyes off you upon walking down the aisle with that one-of-a-kind shade.

The floral appliqué is another trend that add a touch of details and whimsy that go well with any type of gown—trumpet, a-line, mermaid or ball. It is something that can go a long way in the wedding world whether attached into the body of the dress or dramatically cascading down the skirt , and these kind of wedding gowns can be found in http://www.beformal.com.au/list/wedding-dresses-c113330/ ,  the site has a lot of gowns to choose from. . This means you can turn something borrowed into something apliqued with floral accents matching your bouquet in full bloom and gorgeous look.

The lace, of course, would never lose its throne in the wedding trend. Although traditional lace may not exactly be fitting to the warm weather but taking it lightly, finding alternatives help maintain its classic look and at the same time add sophistication to the spring season. You can furnish it up with high necklines, intricate shawls and long sleeves for an elegant dream wedding dress.

My Classmate’s Wedding

I love to attend wedding events simply because weddings make my heart leap for joy knowing that there are still people, in this day and age, who believes in happy ever after or are still willing to tie the knot and be with someone they love for the rest of their lives. My classmates, John and Phoebe, invited me for their wedding celebration last year and I obliged.

I went to the event wearing this beautiful pink lace-dress and matched it with my open-toes high heels shoes from Payless (which I bought on SALE). I am not a make-up beauty junkee, but I prefer to have a light make up on when attending events. I am glad that I had this make-up for free because my friend who teaches make-up classes needs models for his students. So I got a free make-up session just before the wedding.


John and Phoebe had been college sweethearts and I have seen in my own two eyes their undying love for each other. I am glad that I attended their wedding rites because I know that what they have is true and the only thing missing in their lives are their wedding vows. CONGRATULATIONS John and Phoebe! Thank you for making us believe that true love still exist.

Fashion Sense

I have no fashion sense when I was younger because my mom is the one who bought my dresses, jeans and shoes. Everything is chosen by her and I have no choice but to wear them. But I know that I looked good wearing those clothes because my mother has a fashion sense.

Many celebrities nowadays have created their own clothing business by creating their clothing lines. A very good example is Beyonce Knowles. I have come to know Beyonce when I was still in high school or college when Destiny’s Child was so famous and my mom fell in love with their music. But I just come to realized lately that Beyonce, together with her mom Tina, has created their own clothing line called Dereon. What a nice Mother and Daughter tandem.

Now that I am a bit older than before, and now that I earn my own money, I can buy whatever I like and I can wear whatever I want as long as my approves it though (I love my mom dearly and I would not like it if she will hate me because I didn’t ask her permission first). Being fashionable doesn’t mean that we need to spend too much money on clothes and accessories just to look trendy and in style, we can be chic and stylish at affordable clothing and accessories, and it all depends on how we wear them.