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What to do in London

I’ve been to London to look at the Queen. Actually, no, I have not been to London as much as I want to. I really, really love to SEE and experience London first hand.

One of the World’s oldest museums is located in London, The British Museum, and the entrance is FREE. I just need to work on that money for air fare and hotel accommodation then I am good to go. I really want to visit The British Museum and check out the Rosetta Stone which I have remembered from my History classes in high school and college, the mummies and the Lindow Man.

Another reason why I want to visit London is to see The Buckingham Palace. Yes, the home of the Queen, and though it is sometimes closed to visitors, there are brief period of times that it is open for visits. It is not free though but the entrance fee is not that expensive. So whenever you are in London, do not forget to visit the Palace for a change.

The first red telephone box in Britain is another must-try. Yes, I love those movies who featured the movie stars inside a red telephone box and calling their loved-ones to say hello. I would like to try that too, and of course the only place I would love to try it is in London.

There are a hundred and more reasons to visit London, and for a traveler like me, London is a place that I would really worship. But of course, I cannot visit it without booking a flight to that beautiful country. I am glad that there are a lot of online flight companies that can guarantee my safety and can provide the best service to customers like me.

Best Melbourne Attractions You Should Visit

Best Melbourne Attractions You Should Visit

If you – like us – just love to travel the world, then you could certainly do worse than a nice trip to Melbourne. The capital of Victoria and the second most populous city in all of Australia, Melbourne is a popular tourist destination for anyone who wants to relax and unwind in the sun. From glorious food to an abundance of attractions and entertainment, you won’t know where to start in Melbourne!
But sunshine and relaxation is not all that this city has to offer; there are in fact plenty of interesting destinations worthy of a visit! Here are some of our personal favourites.

The Royal Botanic Gardens
Honestly, as soon as you’ve stepped within the walls of these gardens and have seen the natural beauty within, you’ll never want to leave! Thankfully, the Royal Botanic Gardens are only a short walk from the centre of the city, meaning they’re easily accessible to all – the walk there is actually rather a nice one, strolling along the Yarra river!
It’s a must-see if you’re travelling with any little ones in tow, as the Children’s Garden will simply take their breath away! A guided tour happens each and every day, and best of all it’s free, so make sure you take advantage of it.

St Kilda Pier
Now, you’re probably not going to believe us, but we’re telling the truth here – you can go and see penguins in Melbourne! Lots of Melbourne residents don’t even know about them; they’re a closely guarded secret. Head down to St Kilda Pier (not too far from the city centre) and walk along, right to the very end of the pier.
The best time of day to visit is just after the sun goes down, as you’ll have the most chance of seeing the funny little critters because they’ll all be coming home to rest after a long day’s fishing. They will get very close to the pier (they nest here) so you won’t even have to pay to see them! You’ll be saving money by seeing them here instead of at Philip Island; save even more by booking your flights at cheapflights.com.au.

The Shrine of Remembrance
The Shrine is a war memorial, built to commemorate the lives of those who died during the First World War. Built back in 1934, the Shrine of Remembrance’s design was based on that of the Mausoleum of Maussollos, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and it is home to two temporary exhibitions. Get yourself down to the visitors’ centre to find out more about the Shrine, and make sure to stroll around the sanctuary.
If you want to see something truly memorable, you’ll have to visit the Shrine of Remembrance on Remembrance Day, the 11th of November, at 11am. The sunlight hits a hole in the roof at exactly the right angle to cast a beam of light onto the word “LOVE”, written on the Stone of Remembrance. What a beautiful day to commemorate the signing of the Armistice, ending the First World War.

New York, New York!!!

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