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Tuesday Travels: Macau Bun

When I went to Macau last year I had my picture taken here:

If you are a Korean Boys over Flowers fan and series watcher you probably know that there was a scene in there when Yoon Ji Hoo, best friend of the lead actor Gu Jun Pyo bought a BUN in this place and share it with Geum Jan Di, the lead actress of the series. The tour guide brought us here and let us taste the BUN and yes it is delicious.

Tuesday Travels: Panglao, Bohol – Fave Beach Destination

Tuesday Travels once again and I my Favorite Beach Destination is located in Bohol. This is a white sand beach located in Panglao Island. You need to ride a boat to get there. This is what they call, Virgin Island. I have visited this place last May with my cousins and nieces and I want to visit it again together with my family.

The island hop would not be complete without me swimming in it. So there, I took off my dress and swim along.

Tuesday Travels: My Favorite Hangout

Today is Tuesday again and I would love to do my share for Tuesday Travels. Topic for today is all about my favorite hangout. If I am in College this question would be so easy to answer because there are only two places where I always stay, Dunkin Donuts-Divisoria and XU Library. But now my favorite hangout is my little office and my son’s school.

Everyday I have to wake up early for my son’s classes which starts at 8:00 am to 10:00 am. My son still has no yaya that is why I am the one who goes to school with him. I spend my 2 hours everyday in my son’s school and I am fine with it. After school, I spend my whole day in my office, working on some papers and auditing while checking all the remittances for last day’s sales.

But every week I go to the city to do some business with the bank and some business associates. My favorite hangout would be Greenwich. I love Pizza and the table are so big, so I can eat while checking my emails and blog sites.


Tuesday Travels: Bukidnon, my home

Tuesday is once again here and of course I cannot miss the opportunity of writing my entry for Tuesday Travels. The topic for today is your home right now, where you are. And right now, I am in the Philippines, somewhere in Mindanao, actually I am in the heart of the Mindanao.

There are so many places in the Philippines which are beautiful, well developed, have great employment and business opportunities and have a better internet connection(sad face). But then again, I prefer to be here in my hometown, in my birthplace, in Bukidnon.

There are no big malls, tourist spots or even a wifi hotspot here in my place but I am happy and contented. If ever I have visitors, I couldn’t even let them eat in a fine restaurant simply because we don’t have one in our hometown, what I could offer is a cooked meal by my mother. I cannot also let them go window shopping for the fact that we don’t have big malls or small ones but I can bring them to mountains that are overlooking my hometown, and I could let them go fishing in my father’s fishpond near his rice field. There are so many things that people who are living in the city will miss when they are here but there are also things they could here that they could not possibly do in the city.

My hometown is not that remarkable but we are happy and contented living in this hometown that I could not afford to leave it even if there are disability appeal in my place which are or are not approved, I still want to be here. I was born here and I will die here.

This is my share for today’s Tuesday Travels.