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Wedding Prep

Preparing for your wedding is not easy especially if you don’t hire your very own wedding coordinator. If you are very meticulous about your wedding and you want everything to be perfect, you need to make a list about everything that you need for your wedding. You need to make a list so that you will not forget about even the smallest thing about your wedding such as the white wedding lights that you will really need to make your wedding a perfect one.

Least you should forget about the embellishments in your wedding gown and of course, the wedding rings and wedding vows that you will say during your wedding rites. And of course, the wedding entourage should be on the list too. Prepare ahead of time and make that list 6 months before or 1 year before the wedding date.

Fashionable Wedding Ideas

I have not been married yet but I am planning to have one. I am thinking of hiring a wedding planner though so that I will have a stress-free wedding. It is not easy to think of fashionable wedding ideas but you can come with it if you really want to have one, just search the internet and you’ll find a lot of them. I was checking Mr G when I stumble upon small burlap gift bags here which is a very unique wedding giveaway ideas. It is eco-friendly and fashionable at the same time.

It can be re-used and the wedding guests will love it because they can use it not only display it and let it gather dusts in the cabinet or display area in the living room.