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Mossimo Blouse

Outfit of the day!
I have bought this Mossimo Blouse when I went to Cagayan de Oro and I have nothing to wear anymore for the next day. My mom doesn’t like the blouse telling me it doesn’t look good on me and that I do not have any fashion sense. Maybe because the first time I wore it was that I paired it with a boyish shorts.
But when I pair it with my skinny jeans and Primadonna wedge then accessorize it with a thin belt, it LOOKED GREAT.


OOTD : Skinny Jeans+Blue 3/4 Sleeve Top

This is my outfit of the day:


I was hesitant to buy that blue top because I don’t seem to look good on it. But my friend kept on bugging me saying that it is a great top to pair with my skinny jeans, so I bought it. After a few photos, I realize that it looks fine on me. I bought the top for 325php at a local store, it has no brand and it has a gold trimming with a garter just to hug my waist.

Another Wedge



Here’s another wedge shoes for me. This time I was the one who bought this, and these are my very first from Primadonna. I got this from the original price of Php 1199  to a discounted price at Php 599. Great deal, huh?!

Got my feet happy again with this great steal from Primadonna! By the way, did I mention that I love Anne Curtis, which happens to be their endorser? Well, now you know!