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GT: Wierd Word

I missed GT last week, thanks to my ISP that cannot be relied on. Now, I just don’t want to MISS GT again so I am here using my mobile broadband and thinking for that funniest or wierdiest word.

Hmmm let me think, I was thinking of words when my son JB was just starting to learn how to speak. The funniest word back then was “Am-Am”. When JB is hungry we know that he wants to eat something or drink his milk because he keeps on saying “Am-Am”.

GT: Favorite Word

Girl’s Topic for the month of August is all about WORDS and I thought we are about to post Tagalog entries because August is “Buwan ng Wika” here in the Philippines.

My favorite word, not of all time, but as of this moment is “Grateful”. Why?As of this moment, I am grateful to God for all the blessings that He gives me. Some people may have forgotten that every little thing that happens in our life is because of our God Almighty. It is not everyday that I am able to see what God has given me. It is not everyday that I am able to say “Thank You” to Him. I am grateful to God for the food that we have in our table, for the money that we have in our pocket, for the home that we have to live in, for the clothes that we wear everyday, for the comfortable life I have now, for the people who keeps me sane everyday, for the people who loves and hates me, for the family that I have who are always supportive, for the sun who comes up in the sky everyday, for the rain who showers our farm land to have a good harvest, for every little thing that I was not able to see up until now.

You, what are you thankful for?