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Because this is a Travel Blog, I would like to make a post about travelling into a place which is very dear to my heart: BUKIDNON.
I am born in Bukidnon and I have lived here for so long so I want to share to every people out there what a beautiful place Bukidnon is. There are so many places to visit in Bukidnon that other people may have or may have not come to know so I am here to share some about Bukidnon.
How to get to Bukidnon:
• For those who are in Luzon you can visit Bukidnon by riding a plane first, from Manila to Cagayan de Oro then ride a BUS from Cagayan de Oro in order to get to Bukidnon. There are Aircon and Non-Aircon buses that travel every hour, so it will be easy for people to get to Bukidnon.
• For those who are in Visayas you can visit Bukidnon by ships or planes, it depends on your budget and on where you are more comfortable with. Then again, you need to ride a BUS because Bukidnon has no Airports and Seaports.
• For those who are already in Mindanao you can just ride a BUS from your place to get to Cagayan de Oro City or Davao City then ride a BUS which travels to Bukidnon.
More posts about Bukidnon coming up. But for now let us dwell on how to get to Bukidnon.

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