Where to Stay in Bukidnon

After knowing how to get to Bukidnon, the second thing to know is where to stay in Bukidnon.
The 3 Best Hotels in Bukidnon:
PINE HILLS HOTEL – This hotel is located in Malaybalay Bukidnon. You can easily find this one because it is just along the hi-way, near the bus stop. The hotel has a restaurant, and a swimming pool. Most couple who got married in Monastery of Transfiguration have stayed in this hotel.
TAIPAN HOTEL and RESTAURANT – This hotel can be found in Valencia Bukidnon, along the hi-way also. They have a function hall, swimming pool and restaurant.
VILLA ESTELLA – This hotel is located in Maramag Bukidnon and is situated along the hi-way. The hotel has great bedrooms and delicious food too.

I want to share everything all about the hotels but I have not find the time to ask the hotel managers about their hotels, but I will eventually so just keep on coming back I might post a new entry about each hotel.

I want to post some pictures of Hotels here in Bukidnon but I somehow forget to take some when I was in those places so if I have the time, I will take those pictures and upload those immediately.


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