GT: Most Courageous Act for Love

We are on the second Thursday of the month and I am happy to make another entry for Girl’s Talk. This week’s topic is Most Courageous act for Love. And I have my share for this topic too.

I am 25 years old, a single mother and I am in love. If there is one thing I did courageously for love it is loving my boyfriend. For my close friends (bloggers or not) who already know my story, you don’t have to read this post but for those who didn’t know, I would love to share a lil bit of that long story.

We have a very, maybe not so very but just slightly complicated love story. Most people who are my Facebook friends know that I have a boyfriend (the long-distance love affair kind of boyfriend) and my current bf has a girlfriend too. We broke up, they broke up, and we hit it off. Just like that. With just a snap of our fingers, we were in love. Some people may not understand it, and we might have hurt our ex’s feelings but what can we do? We cannot wait for the 3 month’s rule.

He has a daughter and I have a son. And together we are a family.



  1. as the song goes ït not how long we held each others hands, what matters is how well we loved each other”…………. True love knows no boundaries nor rules, it just clicks when it hits you.

    have a great weekend, here’s my GT entry– hope you’d check it out too.

  2. hindi ko alam ang buong talambuhay mo. hehe. so yun pala un. LOL. anyways, as long as you both feel the same way for each other and have already ended your relationships with other people, i don’t see anything wrong with that 🙂

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