GT: I hate Nobody, Nobody but YOU

After the La-La-Love Month, March is here. And the topics for GT is all about the MUSIC! I love music, and I will always will. I am a dancer not a singer but still, I needed music to dance, right?

What I hated most about music? hmmm Let me think first because I almost love all kinds of music from Pop to Alternatives, Rock and Heavy Metal, Love songs and Hate songs.

Oh-Oh, I hated the song “Nobody, Nobody but You”. Why? Because it was sooo over-rated. It keeps on playing anywhere I go and it took months for people to stop singing it. We even had a Bisaya Version of it, a Tagalog version, even English version from Korean Version. And Bisaya version goes like this “Abi ko’g Babaye-Babaye, Bayot!” (Translation:I thought she’s a girl but she’s GAY).



  1. My eldest likes to play that song in the morning when she wakes up. Something almost like “mag-exercise tayo tuwing umaga”???? I don’t understand much else except the chorus so I don’t like it.

    Happy GT!

  2. i agree. it’s only good if you listen to it like once a year, but more than that’s it’s brain-busting. not cute anymore.

  3. Lol, I so agree. When it first got on air, it was okay, then it came the wave of almost every single CD/DVD shop I went into was advertising this song. It goe irritating 😡

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