A Single Mother’s Quest

I am a single-mother; I raise my own son with my own income of the little business that I own. Every single day that comes is a battle for me and my son, not because we needed more, you see we had enough, but because people always asks too many questions that I myself don’t like to answer because it just brings the past that I have left behind. Sometimes it is too frustrating that some people are inclined to judge not only me but also my son, and they also tend to give me unsolicited advices that I do not need. Yes, we are a family of two, a mother and a son, but we are happy with our lives. And yes I cannot be a mother and a father at the same time to my son but I am trying to give him all my love and care in order to fill that big space in his life. I know that I am a good mother to my son and I am trying to be the BEST MOM for him. I cannot easily open up to every people that I met that are why it is becoming a burden to me. Having my friends by my side can help, but they are far away from me. There are spur of the moment decisions that I make and I get to regret that is why I needed the people close to me to help me weigh things, and tell me what are the pros and cons of such decisions that I will make. Me and my son needed people who understands us, not who will judge us. My son needed love and care from his surroundings, not a close-minded people who will just tell him that he is a product of a big mistake that I have made.

My best friends are not here to comfort me in my darkest hours, I don’t have their shoulders that I can always lean on, and it is so expensive to call them overseas. In order for me to share my life’s every day experiences to my best friends abroad, I needed something less expensive and reliable way of communicating to important people in my life who are away from me, and the answer is SMART BRO Unlimited Home Broadband. SMART BRO Unlimited Home Broadband Plan 999 or 1995 has amazing freebies, when you subscribe now you can get a FREE All-In-One HP Printer, FREE call and texts with SMART Gold Life Plan 300 for 6 months subscription and FREE 1 month broadband subscription.

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  1. thank’s for sharing sis πŸ™‚ that’s new to me that you get 3 freebies. I got only a free mobile the samsung champ.

    Anyway,..nagfollow ko nimo dri sis… hope u do the same πŸ™‚

  2. Continue striving hard for you and your son and I hope you will find a way to communicate with your friends abroad… the cheaper way of course.

  3. mom ko Jo, single mother din kasi maaga namayapa dad ko. Pero nabuhay naman nya kami ng maayos and I know you can do it too.

    try ko nga yang Smart Bro broadband and I hope it will not disappoint me πŸ™‚

  4. i wish i could avail of this offer but i still have a year left before i can renew my subscription, i really want to get a free printer…good luck to your entry sis, will be joining too^^

  5. Continue living a life with your kid. He is your most precious jewel. Hayaan na ang iba dyan.

    I am a SmartBro user for years now. I got Samsung Champ as an offer. πŸ˜€

  6. I share your sentiment coz I am a single mom too. But you know what, the kids are not products of mistakes.. One time a friend of my father’s visited us at home and he commented “Mao na na ang imuhang sinuruyan?” harsh and said in front of my daughter so I snapped at him and said, “Maghinay ka sa imuha gaipang sturya kay pwede taka kasuhan! Child abuse and Violation of the rights of women”.. nahilum xa and nag ask apologies, in front of my daughter that same instant.. Ana lang! You have to assert yourself and stand by the right of your child, coz if these people are tolerated, they will forever step on you..

    • this made me cry πŸ™ tama ka mommy Dharlz, kasi kahit nagkamali ako, di ko pinagsisihan ang naging bunga nito. our kid is a blessing from God, siguro we were at fault but they should not be treated that way πŸ™

  7. Lahi ra jud bitaw ang Internet ky it will take us to any place on earth.. πŸ™‚ With just one click in our mouse, abot na ta.. hehe.. nice ilang promo karon.. hinaut unta nga pag-abot namo Pinas (plan to live there for good), naa japun ni nga promo or at least anggid2x lang.. thanks diay for sharing and ensakto jud ka naa jud na’ng mga negative people pero pasagdi lang na^ sila, ayaw tumpang but just be good to them, one day ma-realize ra na^ nila nga sayop sila.. πŸ™‚

    Gkan diay ko sa BisDak group, og hopping-in here.. πŸ™‚ and nangita og ka-exchange link, can we? hehe.. sowe sa akong sak2x sinagol na mga words da’ri ha.. see yah.. and God bless on your journey! ~hugs~

  8. having jb is a blessing. hayaan mo ang mga tao na yan, alang hiya ka oo akala ko kung ano na yun pala ngpromote ka lng ng smart hehe mgkano ba binayad sayo nyan? akala ko globe ka?

    Atleast,ng dumating sa buhay mo c jb masasabi kong ngkaroon ng ibang kulay di lng ang buhay mo kundi ang buhay ng iba. ngkaroon ng direksyon. yang mga bestfriends mo, palagi namang nandyan yan eh kaya dapat mong ipagpasalamat na kahit malayo sila alam mo sa puso mo nandyan cla parati para sa’yo. Sabi nga ng kanta , ‘life is what we make it”. ngkataon lng talaga na nagtiwala ka’t ngmahal. Lahat naman ng ngmahal kung saan pgkatapos maibigay ang lahat hindi inaasahan na iiwanan. atleast you are brave enough to face the challenges. Wala namang problemang ibibigay sa’yo na hindi mo kakayanin. Simple lng ang buhay ikanga. nasa sa atin kung paano natin eto dadalhin.

  9. There is no stronger bond to a mother and son’s bond or a mother and daughter’s. I admire people specially mothers who strongly faced storms for their children. Like my mother, she did everything for me and my sister alone and as the eldest child, I’ve witness every hardship she had encountered.

    I know in the future, your son will not just be proud of you but will have a great respect on you that even when he has his own family, he will always be there for you. I know coz, I am there for my Mom too.

    Mistakes are part of life, it is where you earn your wisdom. Whatever you can learn just pass it on to your child. That is our part as parents. God bless on your journey.

  10. i zoan!..same tayo..pero ako maliit pa baby ko..5months pa lang…minsan talaga may mga taong pakialamera sa buhay ng may buhay..i now some people is judging me for being a single mom..i just dont mind them..i am also raising my kids alone without a single penny from her father..kakainis lalo na if minsan short sa budget..and you want your child to give everything..pero okay lang nakakasurvive naman kmi..thanks for sharing..

  11. naisip ko na parang wala naman talagang salitang single mom. kase, once naging isa kang ina, you’ll never be single for the earth will bind you to the soul that you brought in this world.

    i believe na wala kang hindi kakayanin. sobrang late. nauubusan kasi ako ng time magbasa lately.

    magandang araw,jhongskie!

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