GT: Music and Love

I have so many love songs that I love and which keeps me falling in love. I am not much of a singer because I don’t have a beautiful and powerful voice. I am always out of tune but it didn’t kept me from singing.

I love Jose Mari Chan’s “Afraid for love to fade” , when somebody gave me a copy of it’s lyrics I thought it was a poem. Only to realize I was wrong. I search everywhere, even in Radio Love programs before just to know how to sing it and voila, I found the tune so fit for the lyrics.

I also love Hugh Grant’s “Way back into Love”, the movie Music and Lyrics introduced me to this song, and whenever I hear it, I can’t help my tears from falling. It defines me. When I was lost, and finally I have found a way back into love.


  1. Thanks for visiting my GT entry. You choices are really great. No wonder you pick them. I also like Jose Mari Chan. Appear pareho ta mga yabag… pero ok lang.

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