GT: I would die for a Lechon right now

I have not eaten my breakfast yet and I am definitely hungry. Right now, I wanted to eat that crispy skin of a roasted pig. Check this little picture here:
Ohhhh, can you imagine yourself, munching those red-crispy skin of the lechon? Because I am salivating right now. This was taken last March 7, 2011 when my little “big” brother celebrated his 22nd birthday. For those who are outside the Philippines right now, I know this is one thing you really missed for being here in the Philippines.


  1. hehehe.. ate vernz looy jud ang baboy pero unsaon taman lami man jud litsonon.. hehehe

    ang cholesterol ang fatty liver.. hay ambot na lang lechon..

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  2. Definitely something we miss, for us overseas people. We do get to eat it when there’s a big handaan but sometimes we get the skin right and sometimes it’s….well not so crispy. πŸ™

  3. gaaaahh!! saraaap! miss ko na yan! huhu. kainis nakakatikim lng ako nyan pag may handaan. bat ba hindi ko naiisip yan pag kumakain kami sa labas?? LOL. nek tayms. pramis πŸ˜€

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