GT:Clothes to Die For

This week’s topic is CLOTHING to DIE FOR. And I would die for a Burberry Pink Trench Coat. I know I cannot afford one and I know I won’t be able to wear one unless I won the Philippine Sweepstakes today. The first time I saw trench and winter coats in movies and music videos by popular singers, I fell in love with it. I haven’t seen people here in the Philippines wearing WINTER COAT because maybe we don’t have Winter Season here but I hope someday I will be able to play with snow wearing a pink trench coat that looks like this:


  1. this coat is really gorgeous! I am now thinking of adding this one to a wishlist too!.. Thanks for sharing. Happy GT sis! And also thank you for leaving love on my page.

  2. i do like trench coats! i got to wear one when i went to the US during wintertime. my coat was in deep gray and extends way down near my ankles. then i wore black boots! but of course, i can’t do that here! LOL i want to join this but well, i have to finish ur header pa hehe

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