Bags from UK

And you thought, that these bags really came from UK? Nope, they are not. These are my latest haul from ukay-ukay (2nd hand bags from abroad).

This one right here has a tag that says L’oreal Paris. I thought this brand is for hair and make up only. 🙂 Nonetheless, I still bought the bag because the tiger skin looks amazingly cute.

And pink one right here, looks new and the brand says it is “ESET New York”. I do not know how much does a brand new one bag like this costs but I got this one for only 200php, more or less $5. I tried to search Mr. Google about ESET bags but it re-directed me to my blog, LOL, so instead I tried to research what stadiometer is all about and how it works.


  1. I love the 2nd bag! 🙂 Btw, they have this carboot thing going on in the UK too. Their version of ukay-ukay and you can get gorge items too (both 2nd hard and brandnew for less – only a pound (70php approx) if you are lucky and the seller’s kind.

  2. hilig ko rin magshop ng UK bags hehehe… sabi nga nila minsan authentic yung bag na pwedeng mabili dun pero so far, wala pa ako ng nabili na authentic…

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