Nikon D7000

I have been thinking for the longest time already to buy a DSLR camera. But due to budget constraints, I still have no DSLR. I am weighing the PROS and CONS of owning one and I have been thinking about the cost-benefit of this action. I really want to have Nikon D7000 and every time I went to the Malls I always visit stores which sell DSLRs and watch the camera more closely.

I have been reading a lot about Nikon D7000 and I didn’t quite understand every little spec about it. Forgive me; I am just a photo-enthusiast. But I really want to learn what photography is and I know that I should get to know more about my camera aside from the fact that it needs a Nikon camera batteries.

I have also asked my mom and boyfriend whether I should get one myself or not. Though there answers will probably still depend on me because if I really want and need it, then perhaps even though they will say no, I will still buy one.

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