BBB – Bye Bye Bad Photos

There are so many Photo Contest going on but this one is so easy to join and welcomes participants to post their bad pictures in Samsung’s Facebook Page. It is a Facebook Promo that you and I would not like to miss because the prizes are 3 ST700. Posting three different photos in three categories gives a person a chance to win any of the three ST700 Samsung Digicam. This Samsung contest aims to put an end to Bad photos that you capture every day in your photography life.

I love to take photos especially if we have family gatherings, but I do not know why I can’t capture the right moments for my nieces and nephews, this is one of the bad photos I have captured using my digicam, my niece Madeline gets away, she doesn’t like to look at the camera even though I tried (and her Dad) to convince her to smile at me.

This is another bad photo that I consider. My son loves to take his own pictures, but the problem is, this is what he gets when he took a picture of himself. Another Bad Photo, right? If only I have a Samsung ST700, then my son would probably capture a good photo of himself without anybody’s help.

The Samsung ST700 is the latest model of Samsung’s 2View Camera Series that offers the dual screen feature found at the front side and back side of the camera which is a very big help to every one who loves to take his or her own picture without anybody’s help. Let us accept the fact that there are times when we travel and when we are alone, we want to take a picture of ourselves, but sometimes we cannot capture it at the right angle because we cannot see through the camera.

What are we waiting for? Let us join Samsung Camera’s Bye Bye Bad photo contest. We can upload three pictures that we think we didn’t get it right, wrong angle (because you take the photo by yourself), jump shot fail (very slow digicams), or a baby gets bored (it is so hard to take a photo of a baby who doesn’t like to be photograph at).

This is the SPECS of the Samsung ST700 which makes me say WOW! As in, super WOW. I could simply not ask for more anymore.

Start saying goodbye to Bad Photos and say Hello to Good Photos and memories to keep for a long time! You can check out my entry here : Samsung Contest Entry and please do LIKE it .


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