First Stop: Blood Compact

My mom is a Boholana that is why I am very familiar with Bohol, I have been to Bohol for a countless times already and I love to visit it every year. Just last May, I have visited Bohol twice, first I was there to attend my cousin’s wedding and just before the month of May ends, I went back together with my loved-ones to visit it and the different tourist spots in Bohol.
First Stop: Blood Compact.

There is no entrance fee for tourists and locals who visit this place. The view is so beautiful, aside from taking your pictures together with the statues; a beautiful view of the beach can also be seen. There is a viewing deck facing the beach. There are many vendors selling gift items for cheap prices. So if you want to buy gifts (“pasalubong”) for your loved ones, better buy here for they sell it at much cheaper price that in other tourist spots.

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