GT: Memorable High School Moment

Today’s topic for Girl’s Talk is the Most Memorable High School Moment. I have so many memories during my high school year maybe because I have enjoyed my high school life. I was one of the, let’s just say, famous during my high school time (for the record, this is not bragging LOL).

During my high school life, I have so many achievements and I am a member of almost all of the organizations in our school, aside from the fact that I am a member of the School Band and am the School Seal. I am a member of the Benedictine Society (which is the official choir every Friday Mass, my school is a Catholic one).  I am also a member of the Math Club and English Club at the same time. I am also a member of a dance troupe and the cheering squad. Oh girl, I was so busy during my high school days and yet I became the Valedictorian and the School Organization President during my fourth year.

I don’t know how I managed my time way back then, because now that I am viewing my high school picture album, I am so kind of busy with the co-curricular activities.

I cannot forget that I didn’t win any seat in the School Organization from first year to third year, my best friend choi2 always beat me in the race and yet when I run for the School President during Fourth Year, I won. Then there was this boy who is a transferee from other city who is a cutie, and made me enemies with my girlfriends. Why? Well, aside from the fact that he is hot, he, kind of like girls a lot, so he went on courting each one of us in my girl group. Then there was this one time in which I was so pissed for Valentine’s Day because our fund drive is not making money, nobody is buying our readymade Valentine’s Cards but it all changed when our CAT officer asked all his aspirants to bring roses and gave it to me. I am happy but still, our fund drive was at a loss (HAHAHA).

I still have many memorable events in my High School Life but this post is too long already, so maybe I’ll share it next time.


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