Traveling with my Son

Aside from the fact that I love to travel and visit places, my son also loves to travel and he got it from me. I always bring him along when I am on a vacation or a business trip, though there are times which I don’t tag him along. If I have to bring along my son everywhere I go that means that my expenses would get doubled or tripled instead of spending for myself alone for the trip. It is not all the time that I have extra money to spend so I sometimes think of applying for no fax payday loan because I heard they release on the next day that the loan has been applied for.

There are trips I bring my son along, the trips which only includes a boat ride or a land trip. But if I need to go somewhere where in I need to ride a plane, I don’t tag him along. When I went to Davao City for a business trip, I bring along my son and after the business meeting, we went to Crocodile Park and Eden Park in order for him to enjoy our little leisure vacation. He loves seeing crocodiles and butterflies and he loves to see new places and meet new people along the vacation.

Though bringing kids along are sometimes tiresome and burdensome, it doesn’t kept me from not bringing JB on my vacations because these are moments which I really treasure and I know that he will also treasure forever. Spending quality time with my son in different places is a good experience for the both of us.

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