GT: Wish for Birthday This Year

Today is my BIRTHDAY and today’s topic for Girl’s Talk is my wish for my birthday this year. I have a very long list of wish and I would like to share them with you.

For my material needs, I wish for my laptop to be repaired. I don’t want a MBP, a Sony Vaio laptop, or any other costly laptops available, I just want my old Acer Aspire 4745G laptop back. I had it since June 11, 2011 last year and I have met so many good friends online through it, I also learned a lot from blogging through it and I have earned some $$$ aside from winning different online contests through it. I also wish for a DSLR, yes I have been longing for a Nikon D7000 for so long now but I cannot afford it yet. So maybe, somebody close to me will gave me a DSLR if he or she reads this post.

Aside from the ones listed above, I wish for a happy and peaceful life. I am happy now, and somewhat peaceful but there are still things in my life that needs to be fix. I just hope everything will be alright already so I can have a peace of mind.

Happy Girl’s Talk everyone.


  1. Happy Birthday dear Zoan!

    I know I should be here to wish you a pleasant celebration and whatever that things in your life that needs fixed I hope you can get through them all soon.


  2. Happy Birthday, dearie! (even tho its a little bit belated :/)

    So did you get a new lappie in the end? Or did your close ones surprise you with something else? 🙂

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