Lion in Sagbayan Peak

My mom was born and raised in Calunasan, Calape, Bohol. That is why my vacation trip every year includes a 2 weeks stay in Bohol from the time I was born up until now.

This picture was taken 2 years ago in Sagbayan Peak, Bohol.

And this second picture here is also taken in Sagbayan Peak, Bohol just this year last May. As you can see, there were no changes with regards to the fake LION but the trees around it were more bigger and grew taller. If only people’s feelings would be like the Lion in this picture that after two years, the feelings and emotions will not change in order to keep the promise ring finger and not break the promise the person made with it.

In the first picture, I was with my cousin’s girlfriend and in the second picture I am with another cousin’s son.


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