Remembering Hongkong

When I went to Hong Kong last year for a vacation with my friends I was able to get the getaway for a very cheap price. You see there are so many travel agencies in the Philippines and some offers a discount if you are with a group. And I am glad that my friends wanted to see Hong Kong too.

Our package trip includes a free hotel accommodation and breakfast plus a day trip around Hong Kong. Some of our stops were awesome. We went to different tourist spots and places in Hong Kong, we were also able to go to the Avenue of Stars and we went to the highest point in HK wherein you can view all of HK. We also stopped in a place wherein they sell a lot of jewelries that also includes diamond engagement rings.

If you can catch a free flight to HK or a package you know is very cheap, try to get or buy it! HK is an amazing place to visit!

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