Rio Verde Floating Restaurant in Bohol

Of course, our river cruise will not be complete without memories, so we took a lot of pictures during our river cruise. This is the Floating Restaurant that we have chosen. The food here is expensive compared to the other floating restaurant they had because according to our guide, this is the special floating restaurant.

This is what will welcome you when you arrive at the place of the Rio Verde Floating Restaurant. This is just 1/10 of my beautiful family.

After eating our eat-all-you-can lunch we enjoyed ourselves listening to the singer who rides with us. He sings a lot of Boholano’s song and I love the one with the lyrics “Kung ikaw inday, mangitag pamanhonon, siguroha baya inday, ang Bol-anon” (Hey young lady, if you seek someone to marry, find a man who came from Bohol). I am not a good at singing so I cannot be a singer maybe I can find another job as document scanning clerk.

Just before we left the beautiful place, we cannot miss to take our pic on the exit. “Salamat Jamo, Balik Balik” means “Thank You so much, Come Back again”.

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