Color Combi between Couples

When I went to Thailand last year, couple shirts caught my attention. But I didn’t bought any because back then I don’t have a special someone yet aside from the fact that it was expensive. Now that I have a special someone to wear couple shirts with, I sort of don’t like the idea of buying them anymore not because I cant find them here in the Philippines because I can always search for them online like I do with annuity rates online. Though we do bought shirts with the same prints when we visit different places. I can still remember the t-shirts we had from Tagaytay, Bohol, Davao and even in Dahilayan Bukidnon.

But when I went to Bohol last August I can’t take my eyes off my cousin who got married last May. My cousin Marco and Donna here poses at the Ati Tribe place during our Bohol tour.

As you can see, my cousin Marco is wearing a green t-shirt and his wife, Donna, is wearing a green colored dress. They look so cool and cute together wearing the same color for this day without trying hard to look like a couple who wears couple shirts with prints on them. I have nothing against couple wearing couple shirts, I love people who wears them and flaunt their love for each other.

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