All Soul’s Day

Here in the Philippines, we celebrate All Soul’s Day in the cemetery and because I grew up in the province I never had a chance to experience a Halloween Party or doing trick or treats with the neighbours because we are not used to having such events. And every time I watch Hollywood Movies or TV programs from the US, I am envious of the kids and their mothers who were able to experience Halloween Parties.

But nowadays, the big malls here in our country are celebrating Halloween with Costume Parties for the children near their stores. Parents who lived nearby bring their children wearing costumes, scary or not, to the malls to join the event. I am hopeful though that we can also practice such activities here in our town so that the kids could enjoy Halloween Parties too.

I want my children to experience things I have not experienced first-hand which I feel they could enjoy so much. But as of now, we should visit our departed loved-ones in the cemetery, attend the mass for the dead, and bring flowers and candles to their grave. I don’t want my children to forget the culture that we already have which is to celebrate All Soul’s Day at the cemetery.

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