Fashion Jewelleries

I started to love fashion jewelleries when I was in grade school. I have a cousin who I share the same first name with, and she is good at making fashion jewelleries, from earrings to bracelets and necklaces. She used to give me different style of fashion jewelleries as gifts so I kind of getting the hang of wearing them every day. I wore different necklaces and earrings for different occasions, and sometimes I wear them depending on my mood or in my outfit.

But there is one thing that I would really love to have because it never goes out of style and it is always fashionable to wear and that is diamond necklaces. Yes, I know that they are quite expensive compare to the ones I have, I think the most expensive necklace I ever own is my gold-chained necklace, but I would really love to own one in the near or far future.

As of now, I will be contented wearing my fashion jewelleries to different events that I go to,  I know if I could afford to have my dream diamond necklace, I could wear it with pride paired with a black long gown.

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