Underwear Organizer

I have been looking for an underwear organizer for so long and finally I have found it in a local store nearby. My cabinet doesn’t have a drawer for my underwear that is why I bought an underwear organizer to keep my cabinet in good order. I don’t like it when my blouses got mixed up with my t-shirts, and I don’t like the looks of my bra’s and panties go haywire.

Aside from the cute design on the outside, it also looks cool on the inside:

See, it is a great help to have an organizer inside your cabinet for your underwear because it will keep your things in good order.


  1. I haven’t really gave much thought of having this underwear organizer but now that you featured it, I definitely need 4 of this, one for each of us in the family. Thanks for sharing! 😉

  2. Hello Everyone,

    I agree with Gaylee, underwear really look unorganized if not kept well, keeping it organized without any organizer takes time and effort. I will also need few of these.

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  3. hi,thanks for sharing..i also need the underwear organizer but i dont have idea where to buy it..im from davao city and need your advice ,where you bought this stuff..hope you could me..
    thanks much and God bless.

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