Baby Shower

I have been thinking of having a baby shower for so long already but I just don’t know how to do it, I mean what to prepare, who to invite, what to do during the event and everything else. In my lifetime, I have only attended one baby shower and I was late. I wasn’t able to play the games, give the baby gifts on time for every guest to see and I wasn’t able to really enjoy the night with the other guests too.

So when a close friend of mine invited other friends to dine out and have an instant baby shower with me, I didn’t think twice and agreed on it. Even though it is not the typical baby shower which you spend so much money on, I enjoyed it so much. Though we have not ordered and hand out baby shower invitations and we didn’t prepare any baby shower games, we have enjoyed our time together just talking about our children and about ourselves as mothers. I also wasn’t able to give out baby shower giveaways and yes, I forgot to have a baby shower cake, and so I admit I wasn’t prepared but the thing is, everybody enjoyed their time together.

Mommy Ruby gave me Bella’s old clothes as baby gifts and I loved them so much, and Mommy Dharlz gave me a pair of blouses for my baby as gifts too. We shared and munch on Pizza Hut’s delicious Caesar’s salad and Pizza, with a mushroom soup too. We stayed at Pizza Hut for almost 2 hours and thanks God the manager didn’t asked us out of their stores for overstaying. I guess a great BABY SHOWER need not be grand or expensive; you only have to spend it with your good friends and share your mommy stories together.

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  1. this looks like fun, i never had a baby shower when i was pregnant, too, even if i really loved to have one 🙁

    i hope you’re enjoying the last quarter of your pregnancy. just a tip: take all those photos with your big bump as you will really miss it when it’s gone 🙂

    praying for your safe delivery sis + congratulations on your new little girl!

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