Important Words You Should Learn

Are you thinking of visiting Thailand? I have been there and yes the country is beautiful and bountiful.

But before I went there, I made sure I am ready. Looking back at my diary, I have jot down different yet simple words you should memorize or at least write down in your notes, they may come handy when you are in Thailand.

These are just some of them:

  • male – krup
  • female – kaa
  • not too spicy please – kor mai phet
  • chicken – gai
  • beef – nyea
  • fish – plaa
  • pork – muu
  • water – nam
  • coffee – ga-fae
  • ice – nam khang


  • hello, good morning – sawasdee
  • how are you? – sabai dee reu?
  • thank you – kop koon
  • never mind – mai pen rai
  • I can’t speak Thai – phoot Thai mai dai
  • I don’t understand – prohd phoot cha-cha
  • May I take a photo? – tai ruup dai mai?
  • Where is the CR? – hong nam yoo te nai?
  • What is this? – nee arai?

Yes, these are the words and greetings I have jotted down in my diary. Some Thailand nationals are not good in speaking or understanding the English language, so you might have a problem when you are there.


  1. This is helpful and with this entry, you’ve given me an idea to at least collate essential words when visiting a non-speaking English country. Thanks!

  2. I agree that learning some native words and phrases would be very helpful if one is visiting another country. I’ve been in the Middle East and it is really difficult communicating if you can’t speak even a little of their language. I hope I could also visit Thailand someday.

  3. it really important to learn at least the basics before you go to another country where english is not always used. learn the words showing politeness and respect is vital.

  4. sawasdee! that’s the only greeting i still remember from my Thailand trip, my friend used to work there so she is very frequent. we didn’t have any problem communicating with the locals…

  5. When visiting abroad having different language need talaga my baon tayo kahit basic lang .. Anyway, parang ang hard i pronounce ang words ng Thailand!

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