Mini Camera HD Video Recorder

Our mini HD digital camera has arrived and yes, it is so CUTE! The packaging looks GREAT and I love the metal case.

It was so little and cute and I can’t believe that even though its just about theΒ  size of a two one PISO coin it could took a lot of photos and videos.Β  I was just disappointed (slightly) because I thought the memory card is FREE. But then again, it works so its fine with me. The package includes a mini disc where I could read everything about it and how to use it because the mini HD digital camera has no signs that says annuities click here, I mean click here to capture that photo.


  1. geez! that is so cute! lol. very convenient, you can carry it anywhere u go.. the only thing that is too small is that, you might forget that you are carrying it with you. =)

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