Travel Thoughts and the FairyHobmother

Do you know who is this fairy? Yes, he looks like Peter Pan/Tinkerbell because he wears green costume but he has wings. He is the Fairy Hobmother. I have traveled the blogosphere with him. I have commented in different blog posts that I have seen his fairy dusts landed. And thanks God, he finally sees my blogs.

He finally found his way to me , bringing good fortune and so many glittering fairy dusts with him. He told me that he was kind of busy checking out the Top 5 Washing Machines online but still he was able to find his way to me.

You see, the Fairy Hobmother is a busy man but still he has the time to tweet and read some tweets (follow him at Fairy Hobmother Twitter). He is also busy checking out different blog posts with different comments from different bloggers. So it is quite really hard to find him. I am so lucky he did find me, and if you want him to find you too, leave a comment below and tweet him too.


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