Oakley Shades never goes out of Style

If there is one sunglasses that my Father trusts, it is Oakley. The first time he bought his Oakley Shades was when I was still in grade school. It was the first and last time because he didn’t buy again for the reason that we needed to go to school and he need to pay for our tuition fees rather than buying expensive shades. We were on a tight budget back then. I remember how he took good care of his sunglasses and yes it lasted for years.

My father celebrated his 52nd birthday last August 28 and my brother gave him this Oakley Shades as a gift:

I am glad that my brother remembered to buy a gift for our dear father because I forgot to buy one. I helped in preparing for my father’s birthday party with only close friends and family invited.


  1. Oakley have produced an all time durabilty, fine and quality sunglasses for many years. No wonder it such an attraction to men and so generous of your brother to have given your Father an Oakley. Best present as well as great choice for a gift, I would say.

  2. Oakley proved to be the leading brand in men’s sunglasses. Your borther is so thoughtful. Although you didn’t buy a gift dear, the effort you exerted for your father’s birthday is a priceless one…reading your post made me remember my dear dad too!

  3. i never heard about this brand before but i found it very fashionable too for men. And it is a men’s brand of sunglasses that’s why. I would better check this out too because my brother has been asking for a rayban so maybe this is much cheaper.

    that’s a nice gift for a father, sure indeed he loved his gift!

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