Baby Walker for my Baby Daughter

We went shopping last Thursday at SM-Davao City for Chicay’s needs. I will share with you first her Baby Walker. I was hoping that my cousin who borrowed JB’s walker would return it but sadly he didn’t bother, so instead of forcing him to return it, we decided to buy a new walker for Chicay.

My budget was around $50 but we go over it simply because the baby walker that costs less than or equal to our budget didn’t pass our standards. I want only the best for my daughter and I don’t want to settle for anything less, so we decided to buy this 3-in-1 baby walker that costs around $90. You might say, it was a bit pricey, but it is worth it.

Plus we got a freebie from Baby Company. Shoppers can get a Free Mini Digital Photo Frame for a minimum single-receipt purchase worth 3,000php. Here it is:
I am glad the sales lady gave me the pink one it would look lovely on my bag and yes, I will download all the beautiful photos of my kids. It has an 8 gig memory plus the battery can be recharged through my laptop.


  1. Kids’ stuff can really be expensive, but the nice thing about it is that you can use it again when you have more children, or perhaps give it to a relative who’s expecting.. 😛

    Wow, she’s already walking?! It feels like it was only days when I found out you delivered your baby! Oh how time flies! 🙂

    Nice freebie! I never got freebies when I bought my kids’ stuff, hindi pa uso ang freebies noon. 😛

  2. wow! a great find if you ask me, with a nifty freebie to boot! + i bet the little princess will really have a grand time on her lovely walker! 🙂

    children stuff do not really come cheap so it is really up to us mums to discern which items to buy + which one to skip in the same manner that we decide on which stuff to spend on + which ones to scrimp on!

  3. kiddie stuffs surely do not come cheap + we also need to always consider the quality of items that we are buying + make sure that our little ones will be safe while using them. i say for that price this walker is a bit steep, but judging from the satisfied look on the little one’s face, i’d say it is well worth it! + look there’s even a freebie, to boot! 😉

  4. wow! cute baby girl 🙂 There are times I miss having a baby, but I’m glad that I am already pass the stage of waking up during wee hours. Now I need to wake up early to make sure my boys are ready for school.

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