You know what “BER” months means, right? If in case you don’t know, “BER” months are the months that ended with the suffix “BER”. It started last month which is “September” and we are now in “October”.

September, in the Philippines, marks the start of the Holiday Season/Christmas Season. You can hear Christmas Carols in the radio, and when you watch the television, most Shopping Malls and towns are decorated and adorned with Christmas Decors. Every one is busy saving up in order to have enough funds to buy their loved-ones Christmas gifts when December comes. Speaking of gifts, I have a very long wish list that I would share in the next blog post of mine which includes multiple monitor mount.

Yes, I need that mount and the sooner the better. I couldn’t afford one right now, so I am putting it in my wish list, hoping that someone might be interested to buy that for me.


  1. The most wonderful time of the year starts early in the Philippines. I guess that’s because we Filipinos are naturally happy people 🙂

    I hope somebody gets you that mount you want 😉

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