Wearing Fashionable Furs

Ever since I was a child, I have been longing to wear one of those fur jackets that I usually see worn by celebrities in different Hollywood movies. Two of my faves are these fur jackets for women:

I have been thinking for so long to buy a fur jacket for myself, not because I needed them but because I wanted them. There are times that I need to wear them because the weather in Bukidnon gets to cold and sometimes we even experience fog all over the town. I could also wear them if I will have to travel at dawn, which we always do. Or perhaps wear these cool fur jackets inside the malls, you know, mall could be so cold at times. And I could wear them just to show my fashion statement. Yes, I do have a fashion statement.

Most celebrities wore different kinds and designs of fur jackets. Some knew how to mix and match their fur jackets with their clothes and some just doesn’t know how. The secret to wearing that perfect fur jacket is not the price or the brand of the fur jacket, but it is with what you pair it with. Some light colored fur jackets can be paired with a dark skinny jeans plus boots. While dark colored fur jackets should be paired with light colored jeans so that it will complement.

If you are thinking of buying a fur jacket, buy it now, I mean don’t wait for a decade to get one, because it is one of the must-haves in woman’s wardrobe I believe.




  1. You’re right! it’s not the price but how you pair them. I want to buy one too especially that Christmas is coming few months from now. I just hope I can wear it, if not here in Manila at least when we go to province and spend some time in cold Tagaytay.

  2. I have one fur jacket given by my sister in Canada and I have worn it when I work in a call center and I already gave it to my cousin. Fur jacket is so cute and since mine is black, it can be paired easily.

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