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Most parents are now busy looking for traditional costumes of different countries that could fit their children because of the United Nations event or affair that most schools in the Philippines are celebrating.

A friend of mine asked me for help because her sister needs a Cowgirl costume, and boy she is lucky I still have my Cowboy Hat hanging in my bedroom wall and my brother’s Cowboy Vest (when we were young). I just told her that her sister could wear a sexy short or jeans paired with a checkered long-sleeve and she will look fine.

After that, I went to my room and take out my little brother’s album to reminisce the time when he won as Mr. UN 2007 and Best in Costume. Rashid and his classmate won in Best Attire or Best in Costume at that time simply because we really made an effort and ordered a tailor -made Korean traditional costume for the event.
I cannot not take a photo of it so I wanna share this photo with you. My brother’s costume was a copy from Jumong’s (a Korean teleserye that I used to watch) outfit.


  1. Wow, so is this ur brother in the pic? as a kid it is already obvious he’s good looking. He’s made into a cute Jumong. I’ve watched some episodes of Jumong – such a very touching drama of a real Korean hero.

  2. I miss UN celebration diha sa atoa. Nice kaayo kay maka-cooperate jud ang mga estudyante. Wala jud na diri nga celebration. I have a lot of good memories about UN, too, back when I was a schoolgirl. 😀

    Re: Yes Mommy Joan– in Dallas, there are a lot of cowboys there. Wala lang mi time nakalaag-laag jud. 🙂

  3. Yay! congrats your little man mommy!!!! Good job! HE indeed looks handsome with the costume. It reminds me when i attend MS UN before, i was miss france lol

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