Nothing’s Change for the last 10 years

We are very busy for the past few days cleaning our house because our Town Fiesta is fast-approaching and we don’t want the guests and visitors to see dust and garbage around our living room. And because the “cleaner soul” in me wants to get all the things cleaned, I took the liberty of checking out some old boxes stashed in the house helper’s room. And look what I found:

Yep, that is me! TODAY! I am wearing my old high school cheerleader’s uniforms and gosh I could still squeeze myself into them. When I was a freshman, sophomore and junior I used to be a member of the cheerleaders squad but when I was in my senior year I bid goodbye to cheerleading and joined the field demonstration group.

After my photo op above, I looked into my old album and took a photo of myself when I was still in High School and here they are:

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  1. You still look like a higschool in your first photo. A highschool principal not a student. Your still beautiful and fit.

    Your gentle reader from Dubai.

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